Guest House Ajijic Jalisco

I own a Guest House in Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico there are eleven bedroom eight of which we rent the other three are used by private guests of my choice, and family. There is public transportion a two minute walk from the Guest House. The weather here is one of the best in the world all year round. It is never to hot or cold. There are about 15,000 English speaking retired people living in the area of Mexico. I have lived here over 15 years and still don't speak Spanish, no need to. We have almost everything that is available in the USA and Canada available here. Even Walmarts. Come on down and find out if living where you can afford a maid and gardener to keep your home clean and neat, afford to eat out most meals, sleep with your windows open all year long, enjoy the company of other retired people who enjoy the company of others is for you. There are many who live only on there SS check. Want more information please call our vonage number 863-658 4245 Skip Waggoner


E-mail, Internet, Cable tv, Gourmet Kitchen, Outdoor garden, Near public transportation

House Rules

they become part of the family.
11 Bedrooms
22 Guests
Outside_only Smoking
Yes Children
No Pets
Located in Ajijic,Jalisco,MX


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