House Galveston Texas

We are not near the beach, we are ON the beach. Don't rent a dated beach house many miles away from everything wonderful Galveston has to offer. This beach house is located 4 miles from the seawall. Close enough to the action yet far enough to enjoy the peacefulness of the ocean. It has what an executive and her/his family needs to enjoy everything the beach and Galveston has to offer without being stuck in the boonies. Want to share the rental with another family? No worries... This house is perfect! You will not be fighting over who gets the best master bedroom. There are two master suites! The beds are to die for, the sitting areas spectacular, and the view... like no other. Don't like the sand? No worries... Send your kids to the beach while you sit on the deck drinking margaritas and viewing them from your throne. There are six lifeguard chairs and the beach is, literally, steps away. Like to fish? No worries... many... many... fish have been caught just steps away.


A/C, Internet, Cable tv, Near Gay bars

House Rules

SImply treat my home as I would yours, with complete respect. Have a great time!
3 Bedrooms
10 Guests
Outside_only Smoking
No Children
No Pets
Located in Galveston,Texas,US


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