Terraced house Plymouth England

I have a large, Victorian house in the waterfront city of Plymouth, SW England. It is currently in a state of renovation so is an adventure! What is on offer varies from time-to-time depending on what work is being done and also who else is in the house. The accommodation is basic, but dry! Close to the City Centre and waterfront; from the house you can walk to the rail station in 7 minutes, the bus station in 15 minutes. City shops in 5-10 minutes and the sea-front in 15 minutes. As I work in London term times, my house would only be available during school holidays when I can be there and some weekends. Always worth asking if you are interested.


Internet, Near public transportation, Near Gay bars

House Rules

Easy going, relaxed; able to go with the flow and make themselves at home - able to go make themselves a cup of tea or coffee. Definitely a non-smoker!
4 Bedrooms
8 Guests
Outside_only Smoking
No Children
No Pets
Located in Plymouth,England,GB


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