Priscilla Queen of the Desert in the USA!

October 20, 2018

When it comes to Gay cult films, "To Wong Fu" and "The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert" are two of my favorites!  The thought of driving across America and hitting every po-dunk town along the way with a gaggle of gays just seemed like loads of fun and had been on my bucket list of things to do until this past summer when we purchased a 36 foot Fleetwood Bounder RV.   Considering how difficult it is to organize a group of queens to do anything, a fifty day road trip was obviously out of the question so I settled for my partner in crime, my fag hag mother, and our six dogs, all in one RV!  

I knew we were in for an adventure, but I’m not sure anything could have prepared us for what was yet to come, everything from RV breakdowns in our brand new 2013 Fleetwood Bounder, to unexpected surprises.  Our Adventure started in Houston Texas and we set out west for California and back through the Grand Canyon.  My goal was to hit every gay campground and destination along the way and I knew that just writing about it was not going to be enough to communicate the experience, so opted to video blog the adventure.  

Part 1 - Houston to Dallas Texas

Before heading west we make a visit to our sister city up north, the "Big D" where we park our RV at Traders Village, a huge Texas size flea market!

Part 2 -  Boerne Texas

We need to make a pit stop in Boerne to fix our broken down Fleetwood Bounder generator.  You can't go 54 days with 6 dogs and 3 people in an RV without aircondition!  This gave me an excuse to stop in the Hill Country towns of Banderas, Comfort, and Tarpley, the home of the famous Mac and Ernies restaurant as seen on Bizarre Foods! 

If you have trouble seeing the Youtube video you can view it on my Vimeo Video.

Part 3 - Marfa Texas

We're on day 8 of our adventure when we pass through the town of Uvalde. Here we find another Bizarre Foods favorite, called Live Oaks Gordita restaurant on our way to the quirky town of Marfa Texas, known for the mysterious "Marfa Lights"!  Boy was this a town right out of the Twilight Zone!

Part 4 - El Paso Texas

Our next leg takes us through my home town of El Paso Texas on our way to Tomestone Arizona.  Now you can't visit El Paso with out eating at Chico's Tacos, another Food Network favorite as seen on Diner's and Dives, which my grandfather started over 50 years ago!  

Part 5 - Tombstone Arizona

Tombstone by the way, is the site of the famous "Gunfight at OK Corral". This town is stuck in time with it's old wild west streets and buildings and a fun place to visit. Here we find a gay campground called David's Oasis just minutes from Tombstone and another cute gay friendly mining town called Bisbee.

Part 6 - Palm Springs California

Now were headed for Palm Springs where we have a gay ole time with my astranged gay uncle Ricky who used to be a Drag Queen.  Here we go to the prescreening of Liberachi's "Behind the Candelabra" and Micheal Holmes'"The Judy Garland Show". This town is sooo gay, it's like the Puerto Vallarta of the U.S.

Part 7 - San Diego California 

This is day 19 on our adventure and we head to San Diego where we reconnect with good friends from Puerto Vallarta and I fall in love with this beautiful city! 

Part 8 - Los Angeles California

Headed for Los Angeles we come across some of the most beautiful coast line as we visit the cities of Oceanside and Malibu.  In Malibu we find an RV Park with a spectacular view of the ocean!

Part 9 - Santa Cruz California

On our way to Santa Cruz we stop in the beatiful towns of Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Monterrey California.  You have to check out the drama that unfolds in Santa Cruz that almost ends in a divorce I like to call RV Hell!

Part 10 - San Jose and San Francisco California 

On day 30 of our trip we visit San Jose, San Francisco and the wine country around Livermore California.  Here we do it Mexican style by pulling into the backyard of cousin's house.  I swear had our RV been one foot longer we would not have fit in the backyard!

Part 11 - Guerneville California to Lake Tahoe

leaving San Francisco we head to the gay summer retreat of Guerneville California to explore this mountain top getaway.  This gay friendly town boasts a number of gay resorts, some of which are clothing optional.  Then we head to Southern Lake Tahoe where we stay at a former lesbian resort turned dog lover's paradise called Holly's Place.  

Part 12 - Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

In this leg of our road trip we visit the sin city of Las Vegas where we check out the only gay hotel called Blue Moon Resort. Then we head for the Grand Canyon where we discover the quaint town of Williams Arizona known for it's Route 66 history and Wild West gun fights!

Part 12 - American RV Road Trip - Las Vegas to Grand Canyon from Juan Alvarado on Vimeo.

Part 13 - Santa Fe, New Mexico

I finally get to visit the picturesque town of Santa Fe which has been on my bucket list for years, and luckily we have StayWithFamily members who live here to give us the inside scoop.  

Part 14 - Rosewell New Mexico

Being the huge UFO fanatic that I am, I am extra excited about visiting Rosewell New Mexico, the site of the famous UFO crash where alien bodies were alegedly recovered.  So I make a B-line for the UFO museum in search of answers!

Part 15 -  Fredericksburg Texas

This is the last leg of our 54 day road trip where we visit the German settled town of Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country known for their antique shops, peaches, and sweet Texas wines. On our way back home to Houston we stop off in Boerne Texas to have our piece of crap Fleetwood Bounder repaired. 

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Jamey77 commented on Priscilla Queen of the Desert in the USA! blog.
June 23, 2018  
Nice looking RV looks like plenty of room for fun and I'm going next weekend to a gay campground for the first time and I'm going to get down to the skin and get me some sun and let it all just hang and show it all off