Gay Travel to Cuba

October 18, 2018

Why does the forbidden fruit always taste sweeter?  While the rest of the world freely travels to Cuba, the one country that boasts itself on being the land of the free (USA), forbids it.  But, where there is a will, there is a way, and boy did I find it!  While you can't fly from the United States to Cuba, you can detour through Mexico.  There are flights daily departing Cancun and Mexico City, and not to worry, they don't stamp your passport.  As for booking your flights, you can use a Canadian or Mexican travel agency.

As for being gay in Cuba, I was surprised to learn the progress the government had made and continues to work toward on the issue of gay civil rights.  Mariela Castro, the daughter of President Raul Castro, leads the fight for marriage equality in Cuba, setting an example in Latin America and offering an ironic lesson to the U.S. who has for so long criticized Cuba's position on human rights.  It seems the student turned teacher and visa versa. 

Now let me tell you, everything you have heard about Cuban men is absolutely true and then some!  Lets just say I was in Heaven and it happens to be called Havana!  I was taken by surprise to see the open flirtatiousness by the Cuban men.The air is definitely filled with sexual energy in all preferences, but it all comes with a price tag.  Nothing in Cuba is free!  Everything from friendly directions to a late night companion has a price.  As I got to know the Cuban people more, I discovered why.  The average wage in Cuba is about $12 American Dollars a month, so they are very willing to offer assistance in any shape or form to make an extra buck even if it means partaking in the oldest profession in history which apparently is widely accepted and a part of life.  They accept everything from cash to gifts.  They love American products, especially clothing and as we discovered there really isn't much available to buy in Cuba even if they had the money.  

Cuba Gay Travel from Juan Alvarado on Vimeo.

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