Gay Home Exchange in Amsterdam Followed by an Atlantis Cruise!

February 21, 2019

Being the gipsy that I am, there is nothing better than a cruise, especially when it’s combined with a gay home exchange. What I love about a cruise is that you get to visit a variety of places without having to unpack. It’s like a mobile home on the water, and if you’re on a gay cruise, even better because you’re in a caravan with over 2,000 other queens that bring a whole other element to the experience. For those of you that are afraid that it might be gay overload or some circuit party on the seas, I assure you that there is something for everyone on the ship. There are plenty of places to escape to if your looking for some peace and quiet, but if your looking to kick up your heels and have a gay ole time, there is plenty of that to be had, and Atlantis puts on a great cruise! We enjoy them so much that this is our sixth cruise with Atlantis, so now it’s pretty much the itinerary that grabs our attention. We look for destinations that we have yet to visit and this years Amsterdam to Barcelona Cruise visited the ports of Bordeaux France, Bilbao Spain, Lisbon Portugal, Cadiz Spain, and Ibiza. There was no way we were going to miss out on this cruise.

We started our adventure with a Gay Home Exchange in Amsterdam with a member named Sergio. We could not have asked for a better experience, he went the extra mile and served as a tour guide showing us parts of Amsterdam we wouldn’t have seen on our own. This was not our first time in Amsterdam but it was definately our favorite.  This is why I love home exchanges 

Check out the video of our home exchange in Amsterdam. 

As great of a time as we had in Amsterdam, it was only the appetizer for what was yet to come on what would turn out to be our favorite cruise to date. There are two ports I am extra excited about on this cruise, Lisbon Portugal and Ibiza Spain, and the best part is were spending two nights in both ports! I’ve heard these are two major gay meccas in southern Europe and I can’t wait to see it for myself. But, before we get to Lisbon, we’ll be visiting Bordeaux France and Bilbao Spain, which turn out to be unexpected gems worth visiting.

Check out Part 2 of our Amsterdam Cruise adventure: 

We are just half way through our cruise after visiting what I like to call the San Francisco of Portugal and what I think is now one of my favorite cities in Europe. We will definitely have to come back and stay a while! Now, I’m looking forward to our Ibiza adventure where we’ll be staying another two nights, but we have a pit stop in Cadiz Spain first.

Check out Part 3 of our Amsterdam Cruise adventure:

After disembarking from the Atlantis Cruise in Barcelona, we decide to head to Sitges about twenty minutes south.  I like to call this town the Puerto Vallarta of Spain.  This quaint village on the coast attracts gays from all over Europe and is a hot spot in the summer.  The town center streets are closed off to traffic with it's narrow alley ways providing the perfect stroll through town.    It's gay beaches are clothing optional and the nightlife is booming with a variety of entertainment for every flavor.  

We also make a visit to the nearby town of Tarragona.  Check out part 4 of our Amsterdam Cruise Adventure.

Interested in seeing more nightlife in Sitges?  Well, check out my Sitges Barhopping Video.

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Beautiful pictures !
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February 15, 2018  
I wish one of them is my partner in life and give the best of him my loyalty love & honesty of devotion etc...