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Puerto Vallarta Taco Lady

April 29, 2014
One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to mingle with the locals. Eat where they eat, shop where they shop, and most important, I enjoy getting to know the people who live there. I like hearing people’s stories and how their path in life was carved, bringing them to where they are today. Oprah Winfrey, one of my favorite people in this world, once said, “Everyone has a story”  In...Read the rest of this entry »

Corazon de Niña - Girls Orphanage

March 21, 2014
When we first moved to Puerto Vallarta we had no idea that we would soon find ourselves running a charity that helped so many causes around town.  One night as we dined in one of our favorite restaurants to people watch, La Piazzetta, we were introduced to a table of 13 young girls who were having a pizza night at the restaurant.  As it turns out Mimmo, the owner, on occasion would sponsor a piz...Read the rest of this entry »