Gay Campgrounds in the Eastern U.S. and Canada

August 11, 2020
We have started our 120 day RV road trip exporing Gay Campgrounds in the eastern United States and Canada this summer before I launch our new Gay Campground Directory where we will offer video reviews of the campgrounds we visit.  Check out our road trip map to see our route. 

You can see a more detailed map of our adventure on this link Summer 2016

Gay Campgrounds Map

Part 1 - Lizard Landing Campground

We start our adventure by first visiting Buckhorn RV Resort in Texas to check out this upscale RV park that houses little casitas attached to your RV space.  Then were off to the Lizard Landing Campground before we head to Southern Florida for the Memorial weekend.  

Part 2 - Mystic Lake Manor

On our way down to southern Florida, we make a pit stop at a Gay B&B Castle called Mystic Lake Manor located in Northern Florida.  This Men only retreat is clothing optional and hosts a couple RV sites in addition to its rooms.  After seeing photos of this "castle" online I am eager to see it for myself!  

Part 3 -  Camp Mars 

On part 3 of our adventure we head to Southern Florida for the Memorial Day weekend to check out an all male, clothing optional, gay campground called Mars, located in Venus.  Residents at this Martian inspired campground definately beat to their own drum and have created a very interesting community in Floridas everglades that is out of this world!  

Part 4 - Vitambi Springs Resort

After a crazy Memorial Day Weekend we head to Vitambi Springs Resort, another gay clothing optional campground, for some rest and relaxation but instead we find ourselves in the middle of a tropical storm headed right for us!

Part 5 - Sawmill Campground and Resort

After fleeing a tropical storm we make a last minute decision to skip Orlando and head to Sawmill Campground early and spend an extra week there for their Red Neck and Maximum Exposure weekend.  Little did we know that this could have been a life saving decision considering the terrosist attack that would take place against the gay community at the Pulse Night Club killing 50 people.  

Part 6 - The River's Edge Campground

After a change in schedule we get back on track and head for one of my favorite campgrounds, The River's Edge, for the 4th of July Weekend.  This campground is never a disappointment!  

Part 7 - Roseland Resort

After Criss Crossing across the country, we finally make it back north to a long awaited campground and resort called Roseland, perched on the mountain tops of West Virginia on what used to be a sheep farm.  While the landscape offered the perfect setting for a peaceful and relaxing retreat,  a last minute decision to leave our RV in town resulted in the most stressful situation we have experienced as we find ourselves surrounded by Hillbillies.  

Part 8 - Oz Campground Halloween

After our last trip got cut short due to a family emergency and we had to return to Houston to care for my mother who had been diagnosed with cancer.  Once she was nursed back to health, we take a short break over Halloween and visit another gay campground in Unadilla Georgia before we head back to Puerto Vallarta for the winter!

Check back for more videos and check out our Gay Campground Directory!

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