Zipolite Oaxaca - Sand, Sun, and Nudity!

January 22, 2019
Zipolite is the only gay nude beach in Mexico.  It is located along the infamous bays of Huatulco, just south of Puerto Escondido. This small bohemian village has been popular with Hippies, Europeans and nudist since the seventies.  An Italian film named "Puerto Escondido" about the Mafia has inspired many Italian tourists and transplants to this rustic beach town.  

Puerto Escondido

Another popular Mexican film named "Y tu Mamá Tambien" with homoerotic overtones has also contributed to this regions popularity.  

Y tu Mama también poster

Zipolite has become one of our favorite places to visit and it is most popular in the winter season due to it's extremely hot summers, with Semana Santa (Easter) being one of it's most popular weeks.  This very gay destination has several gay friendly hotels to choose from such as Heven Bed and Breakfast, Casa Sol, and El Alquimista.  Check out the video for a close up view of what Zipolite has to offer.  

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test2username commented on Zipolite Oaxaca - Sand, Sun, and Nudity! blog.
July 26, 2018  
Is Zipolite safe?
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February 15, 2018  
I love the posing, I wish I can part of them...